Cupcakes & Cake Pops

Cupcakes and cake-pops are made to order, so we need suitable notice on these to fulfil orders.  We do not freeze them and then defrost them as required like a lot of large bakeries do.  Plain, simple iced cupcakes/cake-pops are £1-£1.50 per cupcake/pop for basic flavours. 

Bespoke toppers can be made from fondant/gumpaste to use as decoration for cupcakes or other bespoke decoration can also be arranged.  For prices on these types of cupcakes/pops please drop us a message for an individual quotation.

Chocolate Cake Pops

Chocolate Cake Pops

Occasion Cookies

​We can also make cookies for general celebrations or weddings on request.  A few examples of some we have made are shown below.  

The white ones below (top left) were made for Vicky's own wedding.  They were all butter shortbread cookies with fondant decoration.  There were 6 variations of design in total.  The pale blue ones (top right) were made for a customer and individually packaged with co-ordinated bows. Each was personalised with imprinted guest names.

Bespoke Cake Toppers

We can also make cake toppers to order and are able to post them to you for use on your cakes if you wish.  In these instances postage and packaging is paid for by the customer.  We just need to know what it is you would like us to make!  The sky is the limit!

Bride and groom handmade gumpaste toppers can also be made on request.  Just provide us with a few photos of the elements you would like included.

Whilst all of our cake toppers are made from gumpaste to provide an edible element we are currently in the process of looking into making some more durable toppers from polymer clay.  Please drop us a message if you are interested in this option as a keepsake.  Our gumpaste toppers can also be kept as keepsakes if they are stored appropriately.

Peter Rabbit topper

Peter Rabbit topper